samedi 14 juin 2014

Day 15 - Antalya

We made it!

I'll be able to post the cycling statistics later, for now we have just a couple days in Antalya before heading back to Berlin.

We met up with our couchsurfer, Hasan, who lives not too far away from the center. He was quite tired the first night after having worked on Sunday tutoring high school students in Turkish grammar.
We went off to find some dinner but got sidetracked by a barber, who was open at 9pm on a Sunday. As it turns out, we were quite early, as the place was full with people waiting in line when we left at 10:00. I like getting haircuts in other countries where I only barely have a grasp of what's going on (I've done this in Israel and Estonia as well).
The haircut was good, and he offered to style it for me. It was a bit short in the sides and longer on top and I thought he was asking if I wanted it shorter on top. He was actually asking if I wanted it styled and wrote "dikmek şekil" into the translator on my phone. This translates to "plant shape" and I wasn't sure how enthusiastic I was to receive a plant-shaped hair style but I agreed.

He also put hot wax on my cheeks and, as Mylène showed in her post, a ball of fire on my ears. I'm not used to having my face touched so much, but it was a good experience after all.

It's only the beginning of June but it gets pretty hot and sticky during the day. The weather is great once the sun goes down, though. We went with our couchsurfer to the gym after he finished work and I tried to make sure I hadn't transferred all of my strength to my legs in the last few weeks.
We also met up with another guy from couchsurfing and went to a concert where he was playing. It was another cover band, like the ones we saw in Izmir. According to him, the live music demand is large enough to forego a DJ but not enough for people to discover new music that is not already on the radio. He is able to pay several shows per week around Antalya, all playing cover standards from Turkey and the US pop charts (including Rihanna and Pharrel).

Colorful umbrella covered street lined with döner restaurants

A fair amount of people bike in Antalya but the bike lanes often put you on the tram tracks. Also, some cars use these as loading zones.

Now the trip is rapidly winding down, we await only our flight to return to Berlin.

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